What is the weight limit for THERACK®?

Your Body weight should NOT exceed 250 pounds or 113 kilograms. Is there any height restrictions? People 6’6″ or taller may have trouble with some of the excercises like Full Body Dip.

Do I need any special training to use THERACK®?

No – but you should consult a physician before beginning any exercise program.

How many exercises can I do on THERACK®?

There are over 20 Strength and Toning exercises you can do. All of which are detailed in words and pictures in the Owner’s Manual.

How much does THERACK® weigh?

THERACK®’s sturdy steel frame, steel bolts and wheels weigh in right at 30 pounds. Is THERACK® portable Absolutely. It easily folds and locks into place for easy portability and storage.

Do I need special tools?

No. THERACK® comes with 2 easy-to-use wrenches. They’re all you need.

THERACK® easy to assemble?

Insert one long bolt with 2 washers on each long bolt, through cross-brace hinge and fasten one nut on each long bolt. All done.

How much does THERACK® cost?

The suggested retail price for THERACK® is $179.95 plus shipping.

Can I purchase THERACK® at my local sporting goods store?

Currently we are only selling THERACK® through our official websites here at TheRackWorkOut.com and PowerPortLA.com

Is THERACK® available on Amazon, eBay or other such sites?

Yes we have one listing on Amazon with our trademarked brand THERACK® prominently displayed and one on EBay with our trademarks and our company name PowerPortLA, LLC. We are the sole owner’s of THERACK® and sell it exclusively.

Does THERACK® come with weights?

No, but our specially designed weights for THERACK can be purchased separately if desired for additional resistance for shoulder presses, curls, lunges, rows, and squats.