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Happy Hump Day to all our THERACK® workout and Calisthenics family. 

We got off to a great start this morning with the Wednesday Workout at the beach this morning at 7am. Its definitley getting cooler, but things heated up real quick when we started our 1 hr workout with THERACK®.

We kicked off the first circuit(warm up) set with wide grip, regular and close grip rows. 12 reps each grip, and no breaks other than switching grips. 

Then we went into pushup variation w/only 5 reps per grip. Seems simple until you've done 25 reps straight. We started with the wide grip pushups in level 2, then mixed grip pushups. right hand on the right L-bar and the left hand on the left wide grip parallel par, then 5 pushups; then right side mix grip 5 reps, then regular grip with both hands on the L-bars 5 reps. Lastly, 5 reps on the close grip parallel bars. Then Stand up, press THERACK® over your head and walk about 10 yrds in the sand. Put THERACK® down and then grab the L-bars for 1 set of curls for an active recovery(lol, yes that's your recovery). After, you complete your 10 reps of curls which gave your chest and back a break: you repeat what you did in your first circuit 3 more times! Yeah baby! Great first complete set. 

Then we did 3 completely different circuits!! More on these 3 circuits soon, but it targeted, core, legs and triceps. We cooled down with about a 200 yrd run in the soft sand. 

"The perfect home gym."