THERACK® on “Any Given Sunday”


On Any Given Sunday

“Any Given Sunday”, directed by Oliver Stone, starring Al Pacino, Cameron Diaz, Jamie Foxx, Dennis Quaid, James Woods, LL Cool J and many other great actors and football legends.

THERACK® was an instant hit among the film’s lead actors, the many professional football players in the film as well as numerous crew members.

Several of the film’s leading male actors obtained THERACK® and kept it in their trailers in order to maintain fitness and energy throughout the film’s long and demanding schedule.

Many of the football players would engage in competitions on THERACK®, using it religiously to stay pumped up for the film’s many intense, grueling football scenes. This was a true test of THERACK® in its ability to support the 250-300 pound weight, and substantial size, of many of these players.

Ironman Travis Burrell, THERACK®’s Inventor and designer, has introduced THERACK® with similar success on other sets of such hit television shows as “Melrose Place” “Roswell” and other Movies Extract, Meet Dave, Couples Retreat, Horrible Bosses……