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THERACK® 3 Positions


THERACK® in Action

Here’s a gallery of photos of THERACK® in action!   THERACK® is so versatile that it allows you to hit and sculpt 7 different body parts – shoulders, back, biceps, triceps, chest, abs and legs. It’s the most powefull workout system that you can get... read more

Dipping Too Deep

Be mindful of range of motion on all types of exercises. While range of motion for exercise may be hotly debated, but pushing too far can cause injury. This article demonstrates proper form for parallel bar dips using... read more

The Real Deal

We’re pleased to find this video review of THERACK®, by Team Darness, who’s a personal trainer based in The Bronx, New York.  HIs twitter handle is... read more

Freddie's Modern Kung Fu Review

Sifu Freddie Lee of Freddie’s Modern Kung Fu reviews The Rack® Workout Station. It’s clear that he really believes in the product. Note that what he says about pricing and plates is related to the prior distributor and no longer applies. You can find him... read more